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Osteo Tuning Forks for Bodywork

The use of Otto Osteo Tuning Forks are a great way for massage therapists to provide their clients with an additional layer of relaxation and healing. In this class, we will discuss how to properly utilize tuning forks with the three most common frequencies for working with muscles, bone, fascia for pain release: 32 Hz, 64 Hz and 128 Hz.
First, it is important for the therapist to understand the purpose behind each frequency. The 32Hz fork can be used as a general tonifier in order to increase circulation throughout the body while also helping relieve pain and tension; this is especially helpful when targeting specific areas such as neck or shoulders that are often prone to tightness due do stress or physical activity. The 64Hz fork helps stimulate deep tissue repair by encouraging lymphatic drainage which can help reduce inflammation; this frequency should be used more gently than others since its vibrations may cause discomfort if applied too harshly on sensitive areas like joints or ligaments. Lastly, 128Hz works well at calming both mind and body through its ability modify endorphins production thus creating feelings of relaxation in those who listen closely enought o hear its sound waves reverberate throughout their bodies .  The interval combination of the fork frequencies can be very beneficial in a bodywork session.
Finally , once all these concepts have been understood , it’s time for practical application! When using any type of tuningfork ,it’s important that you hold them firmly but not so tightly that they vibrate excessively ; then press them against your client’s skin directly over targeted area (such as muscles)  It is also recommended that you apply pressure gradually rather than abruptly in ordert o ensure maximum comfort during treatment session . Additionally make sureyou keep track of how long each frequency has been used so as not too verwork any particular area unnecessarily ! With regular practic eand patience ,massage therapistswill soon find themselves able to effectively incorporate Otto OsteoTuningForks into their treatments sessions!

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