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Sound Healing Practitioner (SHP)




12 day 40 hours of SOUND HEALING Certificate Training intensive in Hawaii

Week 1: August 12 - 17 (Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri, Sat)

Week One: Tuning Forks: Early Bird Pricing through June 30. Click here to register and pay $1,000 (Save $250) or choose ala carte $300/day

Week 2: August 19 - 24(Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri, Sat)

Week Two: Voice, Percussion, Crystal Bowl, Tibetan Bowl, Chimes, Gongs Sound Healing Circles and Private Session Practice: Click Here to Register and Pay $1,250. Includes 4 instructors

Level 1  20 hour Sound Healing Certification: Tuning Forks for Massage Therapy CEU approved.

Aloha! Ready to upgrade your frequency? Working with sound, vibration and frequency and intention will reflect in changes in your life rapidly.

Our upcoming 2024 Summer Sound Healing Practitioner Training is a 2 week 10 day immersion that takes place at Quantum School Honolulu, Hawaii. TIME: 10:30AM -3:00PM  Register for one day, one week, or both weeks.
Week 1 REGISTER HERE:  $1,500 Early Bird Pricing Save $250

Week 2 REGISTER HERE $1,500:

Enjoyable, profound, understandable. This training open to any level of experience. You do not need a musical background. Use of all instruments and tools are provided and included in the tuition. On-site store includes all instruments and student discount

Hands-on training: Tuning forks, rain sticks, drums, gongs, crystal bowls, Tibetan bells, Sansoulas, Koshi chimes, rattles and other instruments are available for purchase at a student discount during the program.

Each class is accompanied by an instructive manual.  Experience 5 teachers. Percussion, Voice, Gongs, Tuning Forks, Sound Bath The training program is under the guidance of co-founder of Hawaii Healing Sound School, Katie Fisher. L.Ac. She has been studying, researching and integrating sound/vibrational healing in her acupuncture healing arts practice for over 20 years and has taught and trained internationally. All tools and instruments are top quality.

Students of all walks of life have benefited from deep immersion in the arts of sound healing. From intercellular in Interstellar, there is a frequency for that! Come and enjoy an inner journey of learning and shifting. Learn knowledge that is beneficial to the community and supportive of the planet at this time.

Sound Healing includes Frequency, Vibration, Harmony, Rhythm is rooted in traditional ancient healing global practices while and rapidly currently rising in popularity as a profound technology for relaxation, meditation and inner growth. Because vibration frequencies can be seen, heard, or felt, we include Color therapy as part of the vibration healing component.

Taking cues from Shamanism and Modern Quantum Physics, Sound healing bridges many cultures and modalities to creating a field of resonance with health for the client as facilitated by the practitioner.

Sound Healing remains for many, a most profound experience that allows the client to access innate or inner wisdom, supporting adjunct therapies for mental peace, emotional balance and has been documented as having effects on the endorphins, immune function and endocrine hormonal system.

Brain balancing tuning forks through specific frequencies utilizing theta, alpha, beta and delta Binaural waves can assist clients with learning, behavior, and spectrum, and stabilizing sleep patterns.

Using the Hawaii Healing Sound School instructors, the Quantum School of Massage and Holistic Healing is taking the power of sound healing training responsibly, and building a vocabulary of techniques and knowledge and experiences can create powerful healing with a crew of international teachers, musicians, healing instruments, and techniques. You will be forever changed as you raise your own frequency and vibration with an immersion into sound healing. Many tools are included in the lab fees including tuning forks, sansoula african harp and tibetan bowls.

Can't make it this summer?

JOIN US FOR MONTHLY SOUND HEALING CLASSES $100 for 4 hours intro courses, or $250 for advanced classes and clinical practice. Learn tuning forks, crystal bowls, Sansoula, Shamanic Drumming, Tibetan bowls, Voice, Mantra and Specific Frequencies to support health and vitality. Use our tools, or purchase your own instruments and tuning forks.


Ready to raise your vibrations?

Take your sound healing skills to a new level?

Enhance your personal life or professional practice? 

Sound Healing Summer Vibrational Therapy 10 day Intensive 40 hours of sound healing classes from curriculum below as well covering 6 different sets of tuning forks, Galactic chimes, hands-on and hands-off therapy styles.  Tibetan and alchemy gemstone crystal bowls. Learn about resonance and dissonance, brain function, cymatics, frequency, activating biological sacred geometry, energy hygiene. Enjoy adding rhythm, percussion and voice for physical, mental, energy, emotional and causal body healing for adults and children, individual and group settings. Certificate of Completion of Level 1 -4 Tuning Forks, 40 hours of Sound Healing Practitioner Training and Sound Circle Facilitation Practice.

Dates are  August 12- 24 2024  40 hour training and Sound Healing Practitioner Certificate is $2,500 tuition.

Drop in rate (space available) is $300/day.  Sound healing tools for sale.

We will meet for 2 weeks with 2 days off for integration and Hawaii fun. Most weekday class times are 11am-3:30pm with occasional evening classes/events.

Whether your are already offering sound healing in your community, or just interested in vibration and frequency as a healing modality, this A unique opportunity to study with Katherine Fisher and guest teachers to better understand and integrate sound and vibrational healing into your life. If you are traveling to Hawaii to attend this training, please arrive in Hawaii by Aug 15, stay and integrate at least 3 days after the training.

$300 day rate for individual topics with instructor approval. Class review rates to previous graduates. Please contact school for more information.

Please apply on-line at to reserve your spot. Limited seats available for Summer Sound Healing Intensive.

  • Introduction to Sound Healing - Tune UP!
  • Tuning Forks Level 1 - Physical (4hrs)
  • Tuning Forks: Etheric/Energy
  • Solfeggio Showers Sound Healing Playshop
  • Tuning Forks Level 2 – Emotional (4 hrs)
  • Tuning Forks Level 3 - Mental (4 hrs)
  • Tuning Forks for Brain Balance
  • Tuning Forks for Karmic/Causal DNA, Life Transitions (2 hrs)
  • Ethics and Spiritual Hygiene for Sound Healing (2 hrs)
  • Galactic Chimes for Galactic Frequencies Quantum Physics (NASA Astronomy) (4 hrs)
  • Planetary Forks for Astrology/Astronomy Calibrations
  • Frequencies for Energy Clearing - High Frequency, Angel Forks (2 hrs)
  • Sound Healing for Children (2 hrs)
  • Shamanic Rhythm (4 hrs)
  • Quartz Crystal and Alchemy Gemstone Crystal Bowls for Chakras (4 hrs)
  • Activating Crystalline Body (1 hrs)
  • Voice: Humming, Chanting, Toning, Kirtan, (3 hrs)
  • Instruments of Resonance/Dissonance - Health + Dis Ease
  • Anatomy and Physiology, Physics, Brain Chemistry, Math, Mandalas and Cymatics
  • Heavy Metal: Gongs, Tingsha, Hang Drums, Chimes, Bells and Tibetan Bowls (4 hrs)
  • Sound Circle Facilitation (4 hrs)


Level 1 (24 hrs)

To receive a Sound Healing Practitioner Certification (SHP) diploma, students complete 108 Classroom hours covering Physical, Mental and Emotional Sound Healing. Students will also be required to complete 20 Clinical hours of practice during their third trimester. The following courses comprise the 24 hours of SHP – Level 1.


Introduction to Sound Healing - Clearing with Crystal Bowls

  • Introduction to Tuning Forks (4 hrs)
  • Tuning Forks Level 1 - Physical (6 hrs)
  • Tuning Forks Level 2 – Emotional (6 hrs)
  • Tuning Forks Level 3 - Mental (2 hrs)
  • Tuning Forks for Life Transitions (2 hrs)
  • Tuning Forks for Brain Balance (2 hrs)
  • Ethics and Spiritual Hygiene for Sound Healing (2 hrs)

SCHEDULE: Varies by Course

LOCATION: University Plaza

Level 2 (42 hrs)

Students meet to learn, hone, and practice skills.


  • Galactic Chimes for Galactic Frequencies Quantum Physics (NASA Astronomy) (4 hrs)
  • Frequencies for Energy Clearing (2 hrs)
  • Tuning Forks Level 6 – Sound Circle Facilitation (8 hrs)
  • Sound Healing for Children (2 hrs)
  • Solfeggio Showers Sound Healing Playshop (2 hrs)
  • Shamanic Rhythm (6 hrs)
  • Alchemy Crystal Bowls (4 hrs)
  • Activating Crystalline Body (4 hrs)
  • Chanting, Toning, Kirtan, Voice (6 hrs)
  • Instruments of Resonance (8 hrs)
  • Heavy Metal: Gongs, Tingsha Hang Drums and Tibetan Bowls (4 hrs)

SCHEDULE: varies by course

LOCATION: University Plaza + field trips to musician studios, nature, sound bath

Level 3 + Clinical Practice (42 hrs)


  • Physics of Sound and Healing (8 hrs)
  • Research Project (8 hrs)
  • Lab, Clinic, Sound Circle Facilitation, Sound Bath (28 hrs)


DURATION: varies

LOCATION: University Plaza


The Sound Healing Practitioner DIPLOMA, along with the Holistic Health Practitioner Diploma qualifies the student to apply to AADP (American Association of Drugless Practitioners) and become a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner (the $350 application fee to AADP is not included in the tuition).


14 day Sound Healing Retreat & Training in Hawaii AUGUST 2022

SHP 108 hours - 14 day Retreat in Hawaii

or 6 month programs


$2,500 before lab fee or instruments

$3,780* includes crystal bowls, tibetan bowls, tuning fork sets, drums, rainstick, rattles, and other quality sound healing instruments at student discounts. Sansoula, Hand pan, Gongs available as special order

* when paid in full 30 days
before course begins.
use our payment plan option:
50% down & 3 monthly payments, plus fee, and no other extra interest fees