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Massage School Reviews

"I have taken a few classes at Quantum and absolutely loved all of them! Exploring the metaphysical side of life through useful practical applications is just what I was looking for and the environment is welcoming and hospitable to guests and full-time students. There are a constantly a variety of classes available from excellent teachers- I just want to take them all! I highly recommend taking a class or two or twelve. 😊"

—Juana G.

"Amazing people! Great student massages! You can tell the students are having a great time and learning a ton. This school offers individual classes in healing arts and you don't have to be a full-time student to enroll. I've taken a few. If you aren't sure if the healing arts are for you this is probably the best place on the island to get introduced. The security is great and the venue is really nice inside."

—Zenyo H.

"I've been teaching at Quantum School since last year. Steve and Katie have built a comprehensive curriculum for the students, with many special topics overlaid on the core massage and holistic healing program. This creates a well rounded education and experience for the students. I see the excitement and the growth in the students as they make their way through the program. They are careful in their selection of students, just as they are careful in their choice of teachers. All involved gain from this, as the commitment of the students aligns with the commitment of the teachers.

If you are considering a healing career, my main guidance to you is to prepare for a deep internal shift. The healer path passes through a series of gates of personal transformation (which continue all life long). It will take you outside your comfort zone, but it will prepare you to be a strong, compassionate practitioner of the healing arts. The community at QSMHH recognizes that the deepest learning and growth occurs beyond the curriculum--in your inner universe--and we do our best to create the safe space for our students' higher purpose to unfold.

It's a very exciting journey! I wish you the best."

—Hardeep K.

"This is an amazing school. The environment and the teachers make it one of the best schools of massage I have been in. Over 20 instructors for quite possibly the widest curriculum massage methods of any massage school.

I am not suprised by how many mainland students move here for this school. Swedish massage for Licensed Massage Therapy, and adjunct Thai Yoga Massage, Medical Massage, pre and post natal massage, reflexology and more are all included. I also was not aware of how many "energetic" massage and healing systems there were. All of these are included in their dual diploma program; Reiki, crystal healing, Lotions and Potions, and more.

Also Katie Fishers Sound Healing program taught there is exceptional. Her Sound Healing CD (a HanoHano award nominee) is provided with her classes.

I HIGHLY recommend the Quantum School of Massage & Holistic Health!"