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Become a professionally qualified therapist from massage therapy schools Oahu

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Massage Therapy School

Quantum School of Massage and Holistic Health is one of the leading massage therapy schools on Oahu and the only one that features a holistic massage therapist program, combining both HHP and LMT courses. These classes can be completed in 12 18 months with 782 hours of study including 200 hours of supervised massage clinic. 

Determining on a suitable career path can be quite challenging for individuals graduating from schools and colleges. However, the booming industry of massage therapy services can certainly open up a new career path that should be worth considering. In this context, the students need to enroll in an authentic massage therapy course and acquire vital technical training to be able to become licensed holistic massage therapists after passing state exams.

One such highly effective professional opportunity can be gained by getting admission to the Quantum School of Massage and Holistic Health, the most prominent Holistic Massage therapy schools on Oahu. Our classes remain small and personal. However we have over 20 experienced teachers, each a respected professional in their area of expertise.

Qualified Therapists to obtain international recognition by enrolling in HHP and LMT courses from QSMH2, the dominant massage therapy schools Oahu

How does QUANTUM SCHOOL OF MASSAGE Prove Its Value As The Foremost Massage Therapy School?

The one-of-a-kind massage treatment including both bodywork and energy work taught on Oahu of Quantum School of Massage and Holistic Health Quantum School of Massage & Holistic Health come with comprehensive health massage therapist courses that help an individual to become a licensed healing practitioner.

These highly functional and interactive programs of holistic massage therapists feature a combo of the HHP (Holistic Health Practitioner), and the LMT (licensed massage therapist) courses. In this context, the students can become holistic massage therapists graduate in only 12- 18 months, and undergo 782 hours of an intensive study program. Completing these courses, they obtain the certifications of HHP and LMT, helping them to get more job options in medical establishments, along with spas, become health professional entrepreneurs, or individual practitioners. 

What Are The Prime Benefits Of Undergoing An Accredited Massage Therapist Course?

There are many Skills To Become A Trained Massage Therapist

The optimal approach for mastering massage therapy skills and relevant methods is by enrolling, attending, and completing a certified massage therapy course. In this context, the learners can grasp the physiology, pathology, muscular structure, and anatomy of distinct techniques of massage therapy.

Doing such licensed courses also brings in the unique opportunity for individuals to get hired as massage therapists in leading medical clinics, massage hubs, and spas. Thus, doing such practical courses will certainly boost the candidature of students in the beauty and health industry throughout the world. 

Obtain Professional Recognition as a Qualified Massage Therapist and Maintain your Professional Skills 

As there upcoming manates from the government, requiring Continuing Education as well as a massage license for Hawaii state Massage Practitioners, , it becomes vital to undergo a professionally accredited massage therapist course and continue to add to your professional skills.

Professional holistic massage therapist is considered an upwards trending health profession, and a career track that welcomes diversity and respects the enthusiasm of youth, and the also the wisdom of those entering a second or third life career. Quantum School of Massage welcomes students of all backgrounds and ages, and supports your goals or wanting to become a licensed massage practitioner. In this context, the learners can get admitted to the courses at different stages of their careers. Holistic massage therapist courses are not only for beginners but also for massage therapy professionals desiring to improve their therapeutic skills. 

Increasing Demand for a Skilled and Certified Massage Therapist 

These times, the worth and popularity of the holistic massage therapy program are at their pinnacle and constantly gaining international recognition. The certified course renders ample job options for a massage therapist, especially in the USA, but also internationally, the increasing demand hubs for massage therapists is global after recovering from isolation and sedentary lifestyles of the pandemic. Thus, the need for such massage counselors is constantly increasing with higher needs from areas like medical centers, schools, and nursing homes, or spas, wherein a lot of patients come to alleviate their muscle aches and increase quality of life via massage therapy. 

Obtain international recognition by enrolling in HHP and LMT courses from QSMH2, the dominant massage therapy schools Oahu

Adjustable Operational Hours 

Opportunities for individuals undergoing the holistic massage therapist course can also be their spa center, or functioning as a freelance massage therapist, bringing in enhanced autonomy to schedule the client’s appointment as per their time. Typically, these licensed masseurs are free to choose to either function for regular or fixed working hours or if they prefer, the option for freelance scheduling depends on distinct team- or personal schedules, obligations and iitineraries. 

Final Verdict

Being mindful of the distinct benefits that can be gained by enrolling in the holistic massage therapist program of HHP and LMT from Quantum School of Massage and Holistic Health , it is sensible to get admission to this leading massage therapy schools Oahu and find a new career pathway.  We welcome your questions and comments.

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