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HHP/CE Course: Personal & Professional Boundary Setting (8hrs)

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HHP/CE Course: Personal & Professional Boundary Setting (8hrs)

January 24, 2024

Personal and Professional Boundary Setting  and Practical Practice 8 hrs (CE)

Based on the Kupale Assault Prevention Course, this 2 part class covers hands-on information and practice for personal and professional protection on many levels.

Empowering People of all ages.

The 2  sessions consists of 30% lecture and discussion and 70% physical techniques.

Training is done in a controlled, safe, slow, environment until you can perform all of the techniques we teach you realistically.

You will learn how to assess, avoid and escape many situations.

You will learn how to settle feelings of fear and panic, use assertive voice control, a parking lot "field trip", and plenty of Self-Defense practice.

The HZJK presents the #1 Women's Assault Prevention Course in Hawaii.

We offer this professional protection course in a 2 part  evening class of intensive self-protection and assault prevention training.

The HZJK Women's Assault Prevention Course has been in continuous presentation at various martial art schools in the United States for more than 30 years.

This course is taught by Dr. Steve McLaughlin, with over 40 years Women's Assault Prevention and Self-Defense teaching experience.

Community violence affects millions of people, and their families, schools, and communities every year.  

Community violence can cause significant physical injuries and mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Living in a community experiencing violence is also associated with increased risk of developing chronic diseases. Concerns about violence may prevent some people from engaging in healthy behaviors, such as walking, bicycling, using parks and recreational spaces, and accessing healthy food outlets.

Violence scares people out of participating in neighborhood activities, limits business growth and prosperity, strains education, justice, and medical systems; and slows community progress.


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