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Essential Oils for Healing and Bodywork 20 hours

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Essential Oils for Healing and Bodywork 20 hours

August 9, 2023

Essential oils are an important part of body work and massage therapy. A 20 hour class on essential oils can provide a comprehensive introduction to the many uses and benefits of these natural products. In this course, students will learn how to safely use essential oils in their practice, as well as gain knowledge about the different types of oil available and how they can be used for specific treatments.

The first part of the class will cover basic safety information such as proper storage techniques, dilution rates, contraindications with medications or other health conditions that may affect usage, potential allergic reactions or sensitivities that might occur when using certain blends or concentrations. Students will also receive instruction on identifying quality essential oil sources so they can make informed decisions when purchasing supplies for their practice.

In addition to learning about safety considerations related to using essential oils in bodywork sessions and massage therapy practices ,students in this course will also have hands-on experience creating customized aromatherapy blends based on individual client needs . This portion is designed not only teach students practical skills but also help them understand what kinds of effects each type blend has on physical , mental & emotional states . By understanding which combinations produce desired results , practitioners are better equipped offer tailored services that meet clients’ unique needs while promoting overall wellbeing & relaxation .

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