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Prenatal Massage with Kathy Julia LMT/Doula

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Prenatal Massage with Kathy Julia LMT/Doula

November 22, 2023

Prenatal Massage with Kathy Julia LMT/Doula

5:30 pm 9:30 pm

October 25, November 1, 8, 15, 20 & 22 Wednesday 5:30-9:30   the class on Nov. 20 is a Monday.

Title: Prenatal Massage Class

Duration: 20 hours (5 sessions of 4 hours each)

24 CE available for $600 including infant massage

Session 1:

  • Introduction to Prenatal Massage
    • Overview of the benefits and considerations of prenatal massage
    • Discussion on the physiological and emotional changes during pregnancy
    • Safety precautions and contraindications
  • Basic Anatomy and Physiology of Pregnancy
    • Understanding the changes in the body during pregnancy
    • Identifying key areas of focus for prenatal massage
  • Practical Demonstration: Positioning and Draping for Prenatal Massage
    • Proper positioning and draping techniques for pregnant clients
    • Demonstrations and hands-on practice in class

Session 2:

  • Common Discomforts during Pregnancy
    • Discussion on common discomforts experienced by pregnant women
    • Techniques and approaches to address each discomfort through massage
  • Modifications and Adaptations for Prenatal Massage
    • Adapting massage techniques for the changing needs of pregnant clients
    • Adjusting pressure, positioning, and duration of massage strokes
  • Practical Application: Full-Body Prenatal Massage
    • Step-by-step guidance for a safe and effective full-body prenatal massage
    • Students practice massage techniques on each other, with instructor supervision

Session 3:

  • Advanced Massage Techniques for Prenatal Clients
    • Introduction to specialized techniques for specific pregnancy-related conditions
    • Addressing edema, sciatic nerve pain, round ligament pain, and other concerns
  • Acupressure and Reflexology for Pregnancy
    • Overview of acupressure points and reflexology techniques relevant to pregnancy
    • Demonstration and hands-on practice of these techniques
  • Practical Application: Targeted Massage for Specific Conditions
    • Students apply advanced techniques on each other, focusing on specific conditions

Session 4:

  • Emotional and Psychological Support during Pregnancy
    • Understanding the emotional well-being of pregnant clients
    • Techniques for providing a nurturing and supportive environment during massage
  • Massage for Labor Preparation and Postpartum Recovery
    • Discussion on massage techniques to aid in labor preparation
    • Postpartum massage considerations and techniques for recovery
  • Practical Application: Labor Preparation and Postpartum Massage
    • Students practice massage techniques aimed at labor preparation and postpartum recovery

Session 5:

  • Client Consultation and Communication
    • Importance of effective communication with prenatal clients
    • Conducting a thorough client consultation and assessing individual needs
  • Building a Prenatal Massage Practice
    • Business considerations for prenatal massage therapists
    • Marketing strategies and client retention tips
  • Practical Application: Client Consultation and Marketing Plan
    • Students conduct mock client consultations and develop a marketing plan


Our Prenatal classes (6 classes) include practical hands-on with our maternity models. The times are 5:30-9:30 pm. The location is 931 University Ave. #202, Honolulu, HI

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