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Manual Therapy with Peter Shin (48 hours)

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Manual Therapy with Peter Shin (48 hours)

August 28, 2023

Lecture, demonstration and hands-on practice of manual therapy methods. Client Assessment.


                                            Peter Shin Spa Consultant Syllabus 

                                                          Manual Therapist

                                                 Clock hours (45.5 Lecture lab)

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course is an introduction to the Manual therapy industry and the basic services that Manual therapist perform. Coursework covers client assessment, treatment, stretching and strengthening. The use of SOAP notes and client clinical notes will be discussed as well. As part of their training students are expected to perform sanitary practices and infection control as required by state law.


COURSE OBJECTIVES: Upon completion of the course, the successful student should be able to:

  1. Have a basic understanding of Manual therapy including definition and evolution.
  2. Be able to properly asses client issues.
  3. Treat client with proper Manual therapy techniques.
  4. Create specific treatment plans catered to the client.

INSTRUCTIONAL METHODS:: Lecture, demonstration and written assignments. Student time during the course is allocated among a set of interrelated activities, including lecture and classroom discussions, group preparation of in- class assignments and independent reading. Students will be required to provide models when needed.


DATES:                Times                5:30-9:00

Aug 28, 30           Lecture lab       introduction and client assessment

Sept 4, 6              Lecture  lab      Face and neck

Sept 11, 13          Lecture lab.      Shoulders and upper back

Sept 18, 20          Lecture lab.      Low back and hip

Sept 25, 27          Lecture lab.      Knees and elbow

Oct 2,4                 Lecture lab.      Hands and feet  

Oct 9                    Lecture lab.     Review

Total Hours 45.5

COURSE REQUIREMENTS: Student progress is determined by the assessment of weekly assignments, exams and lab work. The students will be given two progress reports during this course listing grade and hours accrued 1st midway and the 2nd upon completion of the course.  As part of their training students are expected to perform sanitation practices as required by state law.

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