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Learn Auricular (Ear) Points for supporting Health

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Learn Auricular (Ear) Points for supporting Health

December 15, 2023

Learn Auricular Pressure Points for supporting Health

4 hours CEU

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The anatomy of the ear is a microsystem worth learning if you would like to be able to help yourself and your clients improve physical, emotional and mental health through the knowledgable  application  and placement of non invasive ear seeds.

There are more than 120 acupressure points in the ear.  In this 4 hour course, you will be introducted to the theory as well as hands-on practice. Learn how the ear is formed during embryology physiology. This prenatal development explains why the ears have a very close relationship with the nervous system, internal organs and skeletal system of the body.  Auricular (ear) acupuncture or acupressure on the ear can stimulate the meridians and benefit specific parts of the body.

Ear seeds can be applied to address a variety of health concerns, including:  Stress, Anxiety, Pain and PTSD

Ear seeds are seeds placed on your ear to serve as tiny acupressure devices. They’re a type of auriculotherapy, a traditional Chinese medicine technique that focuses on areas in your ear.  By affecting the nervous system, these points when activated can bring comfort and relaxation. People may use them to help with pain, insomnia, substance abuse, and mental issues ranging from anxiety to grief.

These seeds traditionally come from an herb called vaccaria but can also be made of ceramic or metal. They're placed on the outside of your ear over certain acupuncture points. They’re usually held in place by waterproof tape and stay on your ears for up to a week.

Ear seeds are safe for just about anyone, although it's always a good idea to tell your doctor about any alternative treatments you try. Some people use ear seeds along with acupuncture treatments. They may help the effects of acupuncture or massage last longer between sessions.

After cleaning your ear with an alcohol swab, a practitioner places the seeds on the outside portion of your ear. It doesn’t hurt, but you may feel some tenderness or warmth.

Once they're in place, you self  massage them two to three times a day. To do this, apply gentle pressure to the seeds and move them in small circles.

While they can't cure chronic pain or other conditions, ear seeds may be a helpful addition to your medical treatment. There aren't many studies of auriculotherapy. But it might help with:


What are the advantages of ear acupoints? Ear Acupoints for Trauma Recovery and Healing with ear seeds/beads is safe, non-invasive, easy, and inexpensive way to support health. Recipients like it and report that it is helpful in terms of symptoms and overall well-being. It can be quickly applied in any disaster response or community wellness initiative.

4 hours CEU available $200 includes supplies. Hands-on Practice
About the instructor:
Katherine Fisher L.Ac is a trainer for Acupuncturists without Borders and has been part of international first responder teams  in the use of Auricular acupuncture and acupressure for PTSD at the site of Natural Disasters and  Community Trauma Response.
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