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Healing Touch Foundations with Lori Protzman RN

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Healing Touch Foundations with Lori Protzman RN

October 21, 2023 October 22, 2023

Quantum School Holistic Health Practitioner Course (HHP) for understanding and working with the subtle anatomy of the Energy body, and to begin to understand Energy Based Therapy.Foundations of Healing Touch is a  beginning class and open to all Quantum Students. Graduates receive a certificate for Level 1 from Healing Beyond Borders, endorsed by the American Holistic Nurses Association.


Taught in a 5 week or 1 weekend format, this class will jump start your understanding of how to integrate energy healing  therapy practice into your life, or your bodywork with ease.

  1. Foundations of Healing Touch is  20 continuing education contact hours of instruction, allowing persons with varying backgrounds to enter, acknowledge their previous learning and to further develop concepts and skills in energy-based therapy. A strong commitment to personal growth is required.

What is Healing Touch?

Healing Touch, developed by Janet Mentgen RN, BSN, is a type of complementary healing using hands-on and energy-based techniques to balance and align the human energy field. Body, mind, emotion and spirit are touched through this therapeutic process, and each individual is empowered to participate fully in his or her healing journey.

How does healing occur?

All healing is basically self-healing. A physician can set two bone fragments in place, but the body itself finally heals the split; the physician simply directs and facilitates the process. Healing Touch is a different and complementary mode of facilitating the healing process, but functions from an energy perspective rather than only a physical one. The Healing Touch practicioner re-aligns the energy flow, re-activating the mind, body, spirit connection to eliminate blockage to self-healing.

Who Can Benefit from Healing Touch?

Because Healing Touch influences the whole person on all levels, it is appropriate for everyone and can take place in any setting including:

  • Healing Centers- Massage Therapy, Touch Therapy
  • Delivery Rooms
  • Hospitals
  • Hospices
  • Accident Scenes
  • Homes and Family members
  • Pets and Animals

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