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Flower Essences with Melia Goodenow

Flower Essences with Melia Goodenow

August 29, 2023

Hawaiian Rainforest Naturals Flower Essences

Level 2 Training Course with Melia Goodenow 

DATE:   TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY August 29-30, 2023

TIME:   TUESDAY 9:30am -12pm;  Aug 29 Quantum School Campus 

WEDNESDAY 6am-9:00 am  Kailua Beach - Sunrise Protocols and 10:30- 4:00  at Quantum School campus Aug 30

PLACE:   Quantum School of Massage and Holistic Health

OBJECTIVE:    A course to learn about, experience and go deeper into the Hawaiian Rainforest flower essences.  Learn how they are connected to human energy centers (chakras) and can help bring those centers into balance for overall well-being.  A discussion with activities on Hawaiian Mysticism and Huna will enhance your understanding of energy systems and how flower essences can heal energy imbalances.  This will also include the connection between body, mind, emotion and energy to provide an understanding of how flower essences fit into a holistic approach to health and healing.  This course provides the foundation for our Flower Essence Practitioner Course and other advanced courses. 

A certificate of completion will be provided, 20 hours total.

Sequence of Learning Objectives

  1. Company Introduction

Handouts: ‘Aloha & Welcome’, ‘About Us’

    1. Aloha & Mahalo; Company Introduction
    2. Where We Come From: 
      1. The healing power of nature and the Big Island specifically – wild places, untouched by humans.  
    3. Who We Are
      1. Our Kumu: Morrnah Simeona, Papa Auwae
  • HRN PROTOCOL:  Protocol is an important aspect to everything Hawaiian, Hula, Lomilomi, Huna.  Protocol is doing whatever you are doing with integrity and respect, keeping in mind all the levels and people and nature involved.  This is being in PONO, harmony and connectedness with all things.  When you have PONO then magic can happen, healing can take place.  


  1. Hawaiian Rainforest Flower Essences

Handouts: ‘Internal Flower Essences & tips on using’, Individual Flower Essence Guide, Activities: Sample Essences, Creating personal formulas

  1. Internal Flower Essence: in depth indications and relations to 7 Chakras
  2. Flower Essence Combinations
  3. Individual consultations with Melia, guidance for Personal Formula Day 1
  4. Day 1 Activity: Creating custom formulas
  5. Daily journal entries to note feelings, memories, and insights.  Journal due 2 weeks later


  1. Experience Flower Essences: Sunrise Aug 30

Tuition: $500 (discounted for Quantum School Students0


About Kumu Melia


Melia Goodenow – Flower Essences

“flower essences contain therapeutic benefits that aid in soothing and balancing the emotions and managing everyday choices.  Flower essences are the healers of the modern age, going to the root of our problems and emotional issues. They release us from hurtful and fearful memories that tie upon our health and energy; opening up once blocked areas to then be filled with the health and peace of the present moment. In the present moment is where we can see clearly and make good, healthy choices for our lives.”

Based on training passed down to their family from Kahuna La’au Lapa’au and other native plant medicine healers, Hawaiian Rainforest Naturals, Inc. has been making Hawaiian flower essences and body care treatments for over 25 years.  Co-founder, Melia Goodenow will be giving these workshops focusing on the special attributes of Hawaiian plants, flowers and their essences.

“Flower essences are designed to help you meet the challenges of everyday living.  Our mission is to help people bring their emotions into a state of Pono, harmony and connectedness with nature. This is the role of our flower essences, to bring people’s awareness into the present moment and release emotional tension caused by past experiences or worrying about the future.  In this state of Pono is where we make our flower essences, bringing the healing energy of the flowers forward. We strive to maintain Pono in all that we do. We put our integrity and Aloha into all of our products and treatments, always remembering to give thanks and to give back to the Earth by taking care of this unique and sacred place.”

Melia is a flower essence practitioner and Head teacher for HRN classes and workshops. She practices lomilomi massage, energy healing, la’au lapa’au, ho’oponopono, hula and other various Hawaiian healing arts.  Her intuitive abilities and connection to nature make her workshops a transformative and amazing experience

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