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Developing Inner Intuition Series: December 20, 2023 2:30-5:00pm : Winter Oracle: Holy Nights Prep Class

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Developing Inner Intuition Series: December 20, 2023 2:30-5:00pm : Winter Oracle: Holy Nights Prep Class

December 20, 2023

Join us in the first of the series of  HHP classes designed to help Developing Inner Intuition.

Developing Inner Intuition Series: December 20, 2023 2:30-5:00pm :

Winter Oracle: Holy Nights Prep Class

Aligning with the Wisdom of the Seasons. A Personal Practice Starting Dec 20.

Use this link to register if you are not a Quantum HHP student: $108

Fee includes a beautiful illustrated 13 Holy Nights Oracle Deck by Laura Day

During this upcoming series featuring a variety of teachers and techniques we will be covering:

  • Inner Intuition
  • Art, Music and Movement: Aligning with the Nature. Rituals of Connection
    Activating Creative Flow States
    Dreaming, Meditation, Divination and Theta Waves
    Practical Clarity: Discernment and Grounding: an Empath Guide
    Gratitude Practices: Codes to Expanding Awareness
    Presence, Psychic Protection and Precognition.

These Classes are open to everyone. Empaths and Sensitive people may find the course material helpful in improving self navigation through psychic information influx

Class 1: December 20, 2023. 2:30-5;30 pm

Aligning with the Wisdom of the Seasons.  Click Here: $108.00 to register:

Through breath, simple movement, meditation and connection with the practice of holding the witness place we practice aligning with the Wisdom of the Seasons. Cultivating inner peace by connecting with the  Celestial Ambassadors of the Animal, Mineral and Plants Kingdoms we can allow useful and helpful energy into our lives. We allow our inner wisdom to guide us into preparing for the year ahead by aligning this practice with the inner sanctum offered during the traditional longest nights of the year, represented by the traditional 13 Holy Nights between winter solstice and the first lunar cycle of the new year.

How do we learn to trust our own inner knowing? As we practice and gain confidence with the art of divination, or inner listening and connecting to the windows of clarity offered during the natural seasonal shifts, we can develop a richer experience during the holiday season.  "Enjoy the Mystery and Awake withing the Dream"

We will also be utilizing a set of cards designed by Lara Day called The 13 Holy Nights Deck included with the class tuition of $108. This class will meet in person on Wednesday Dec 20 and  Wednesday January 10 from 2:30-5:00 pm

“I have such gratitude and appreciation for this deck and book. As a five element acupuncturist and medical qigong practitioner, I am always looking for ways to help patients find more peace, stillness, and to tune in to their own abundance and awareness. I purchased this deck late in the season last year and have absolutely loved it. From a patient standpoint, I love that it’s so easy to use, inspirational, and accessible to even those who are less spiritual. Using a deck focusing on animals, plants and crystals is familiar and brilliant. Personally for myself, I have loved all of the magic I have felt come from my first year of doing this. The amount of synchronicities and intuitive nature increased for me dramatically. I am so eager to start this year and have now purchased a special journal I’ll be using each year with the practice. In my eagerness to start again this year I am reminded to send this review that has been brewing in my heart all year long. This has opened up a very intuitive time in life and a vortex of goodness. Thank you so so much for creating this wonderful set.”

Kristin Althea O’Connor, M.Ac., Dip. L.Ac.

“I can’t tell you how much we love your 13 Holy Nights deck. You were so right- It’s crazy cool how life is unfolding in alignment with our cards. Each one of us. Feeling humbled and so blessed for this practice and the magic it’s given us.”  

- Kyla Worthen-Hall

“Words cannot describe how much I love this practice and your beautiful deck and book... My adult son and his wife and I have gotten together the last 3 nights for this... Last night I turned over grasshopper while looking for my son's pick of Star Sapphire. I reshuffled for my own pick and again found grasshopper! My daughter-in-law picked Mugwort, one she had turned to the night prior while reading. We all shared Mugwort tea before I left for home. Your dream remembering suggestions are beautiful. The focused time with my kids is priceless. Thank you so much.”

- Cris Fellows

“I’ve been pulling cards every night and having my hubs and son pull cards too. It has been FASCINATING reading the cards and seeing how PERFECTLY they reflect our personalities, our known struggles and hitting the nail on the head on where and how we should focus our energies. I’m LOVING IT! I feel so fortunate and blessed to have found these and am so excited to watch how the cards we pulled correlate with our spirits in the months to come. Thank you Lara. You’ve shared a beautiful practice.”

- Lydia Lunsford

"Lara has given individuals and families a beautiful way to enter into the holy days and nights. When we connect with the rhythms of the seasons we invite light into our lives. Thus do we make way for miracles."

- Claudia Mclaren Lainson Frequent contributor to The Journal for Star Wisdom


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