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AHL Level 2 Monday, March 20 & Tuesday, March 21

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AHL Level 2 Monday, March 20 & Tuesday, March 21

March 20, 2023

AHL Level 2 Monday, March 20 & Tuesday, March 21

Instructor: Gene Ang

Arcturian Healing Method Level 2: the Galactics Encodings 
20 and 21 March 2023 from 10 AM HST/1 PM PT/4 PM ET to 6 PM HST/9 PM PT/12 AM ET (both days)


The Arcturian Healing Method Level 2 takes the healing practitioner to the next level in this modality by activating 4 different encodings meant to accelerate the physical body’s capacity to hold more light and advanced evolutionary consciousness.  Once the practitioner takes this course they will be able to channel these energies for others.  As the subtle bodies and consciousness develop so too must the physical body.  In order to hold more light and consciousness, the physical body must accelerate in its capacities to bring through these subtle body changes.  This occurs all the way down to the DNA and cellular levels.  The Galactic Encodings accelerate the physical bodies capacity to hold this evolutionary light and consciousness.

The first of these encodings, the Arcturian Blueprint Activation (ABA), links the person more strongly to their divine blueprint and divine matrix. Everything in physical existence first began from a blueprint on at least the mental level and even higher (ie. causal, spiritual, divine levels).  For example, the chair you are sitting on once existed as an idea.  Someone took that idea and allowed it to come through all the way down onto the physical plane where he designed and produced the chair.  The same idea also exists for our physical body.  This activation allows this divine idea or blueprint (the spiritual DNA) from these higher and more subtle levels to more clearly and easily manifest in the physical dimension in its complete form.

The second encoding, the Arcturian Neural Net (ANN), works directly with the nervous tissue of each person making it more porous and open to subtle fluctuations coming from the subtle bodies.  This activation develops the nervous system so that it can transmit and bring to conscious awareness more that is going on in the subtle planes of existence.  The nervous system is the transmitter through which the subtle dimensions first affect the physical body.

The third encoding, Arcturian Regeneration of Cells (ARC), activates in each participant the capacity to hold a frequency of light for healing at the cellular level.  An attunement, archetypes, and protocols will be learned to heal at the cell level.  This is also the basis for further training on using the Arcturian energies, frequencies, and tools to heal on the DNA level which will be presented in Level 3.

The fourth encoding, the Arcturian Endocrine Activation (AEA), upgrades the endocrine system and its glands so that the entire physical body is functioning at a higher attuned level.  The endocrine system is key to maintaining the dynamic balance in our physiology.  By upgrading this system, people can handle more light, energy, and consciousness without burning out the physical body.  Also, this light and energy can be transmitted through the physical body on a long-term healthy basis.

A summary of what is include in this class is the following:

-4 Encodings: the Arcturian Blueprint Activation (ABA), the Arcturian Nervous System Activation (ANN), the Arcturian Regeneration of Cells (ARC), and the Arcturian Endocrine Activation (AEA)

-Capacity to channels these 4 unique energies for others

-Healing using the first platform of energy (1st POE) above the head

-Development of inner vision (clairvoyance) called Arcturian Seeing

-Spin technique for soul retrieval/trauma healing 

-Spin technique for self-development

-Spin technique for disintegrating unwanted elementals

-Included is 45-page workbook

There will be a series of 4 attunements (45 minutes each) given in this course. 

This is both an in-person class as well as on-line.  If taking the class in-person, please email Gene to let him know at  The class will be held at the Quantum School of Massage & Holistic Health located at 931 University Avenue #207, Honolulu HI 96826.

The class is also available on-line.  All participants who register will be sent a link to download the pdf for the Zoom conference information.  If you do not receive this please email Gene at Everyone who registers will receive the mp3 recordings of the session.

Course requirement:  Arcturian Healing Method Level 1

Early Bird Discount Code for $75 until March 6 is L2L2

Cost: $375

Link to register:

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