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Twice a year.. You can start a new career at Hawaii’s Holistic Massage School

Healing Holistic Massage School

Learn Therapy Courses from Healing Holistic Massage School for the touch of  QSMHH.

Quantum School of Massage & Holistic Health (QSMHH) is a unique, comprehensive training center for massage schools. We are a locally owned and operated healing holistic massage school located at University Plaza in Honolulu near Waikiki and at the University of Hawaii at Manoa Campus at the corner zone of King Street and University Avenue.

Learn many modalities of Massage and be a respected Professional Massage Therapist

Our year long training is both rigorous and enjoyable. Your body will love learning at  QSMHH School, and your future clients will appreciate and thank you for all your education.  There are many advantages to learning the following courses at a reasonable cost in healing holistic massage school. Our school is relaxed yet professional. Our students  take classes from counseling to practice these courses that redefine mental strength by uplifting energy with complete relaxation. It is like finding a pure spring of conscious connection. . As you read the blog, it will provide you with detail regarding the training and its cost and duration, or .


Gently glide massage oil or cream onto the skin. Swedish massage uses firm, gentle pressure to promote relaxation techniques. Massage therapy relieves muscle tension and improves health and fitness. This classic massage relieves stress and induces a state of calm relaxation. Student Massage includes deep tissue, myofascial release, acupressure points, gentle stretching and other holistic massage modalities. The package costs 55 minutes and is only $45. 


Reiki and Healing Touch use a technique commonly known as palming or lying on hands. Using modernized energy-increasing techniques, the practitioners can transmit universal energy (or Reiki) in the form of CHI (Japanese: CHI) through the palms of their hands. It is used for self-healing and improving energy flow. Clients report feeling relaxed and having an inner state of balance and calm. Packages are 55 minutes and only $45. 

Attend The Happy Feet- Student Foot Reflexology Course In Qsmhh School Source


Reflexology is a massage technique that focuses on specific points on the feet to regulate flowing energy throughout the body in healing holistic massage school. You can add reflexology to your full-body massage in our 20 hour course, or just come for a massage and relax. This treatment is an hour of gentle work on the feet. You will feel great and amazed after the therapy. There is a popular wording- “If your feet are in good shape, you will be happy.


Lomi Lomi is a Hawaiian cultural bodywork practice that involves body, mind and spirit. Lomi Lomi combines different techniques and oils to relax all parts of the body. You will feel calm and relaxed. 

Packages are 60 minutes and only $45. 


This massage therapy is suitable for pregnant women before or after childbirth mothers. Our students get training from experienced masseuses, and certified doulas. Massage oils or creams are used in gentle, gliding strokes. Swedish massage ensures a firm and gentle pressure in the massage technique to promote relaxation in therapy. It relieves muscle tension to provide defects in health benefits. A unique massage methodology, i.e., designed to release stress, and induce calm relaxation. It is recommended as a present for those who are going to be moms!

Packages are 60 minutes and only $45. 


Massage is performed by students who have passed the Hawaii State Massage Licensing Exam and are in post-secondary education or pursuing private practice. Over 200 hours of clinical experience. Stay in touch with your favorite students and continue bodywork after completing Advanced Student Massage at the Quantum School of Massage and Holistic Health. Packages are 60 minutes and only $85


This massage therapy combines massage and other healing techniques with clinical-quality therapeutic effects. The utilization of essential oils, this treatment maintains emotional balance, relieves stress, relieves tension and pain, reduces inflammation and boosts the immune system. 

Aromatherapy sessions use high-quality oils and incorporate essential oil layering techniques for specific benefits tailored just for you, like a personalized herbal formula applied topically. A hot towel and massage complete the experience as your skin absorbs several beneficial effects. Packages are 60 minutes  $65. 


Lomi Lomi is a revered Hawaiian cultural healing practice and art that works on the mind and body. Based on Hula and martial arts, Lomi Lomi uses oils, long strokes and positions, combining various techniques to relax every corner of the body. Traditionally in the family line, the students had the opportunity to learn about Lomi from the local Kumu. Professional Lomi practitioners, such as professional QSMHH teachers, can see themselves as Lomi lifelong learners. Once reserved for Ali’i and close family relatives, the authentic Lomi Lomi massage is a rare treat to experience. Lomi Lomi clears the head, calms, relaxes, energizes and lightens the physical feeling. Package rates are divided into two options: 90 Minutes • $150 Only & 120 Minutes • $200 only. 

Attend The Course In Services Of Reiki/Chakra Balancing At Qsmhh School


Reiki uses a technique commonly referred to as palm or laying of hand healing. In this technique, practitioners use Reiki to transmit universal energy in the form of Japanese art CHI through the palm of the hand. Reiki allows a state of self-healing and balance when applied to the body with awareness of positive results.  Packages are 30 minutes and only $80. 


The connection with spirit takes many forms. Bodywork and energy work can also be part of the process. In other cases, conversation and counseling alone can lead to answers contained in consciousness. Seeing what you already “know” can be a powerful tool to help you take the next necessary step in your healing journey. Quantum Healing Energy, Lu Jong Tibetan Yoga, Holistic Peer Coaching, Healing Touch, Reiki, use natural energy and  tools for the job, stones, minerals, food, essential oils and plants. Our students train with various energy techniques, tools and workouts to help them clear, center, ground and reconnect. We advocate self-care for both our clients and practitioners. 

Packages are 90 minutes and only $125.

Join QSMHH School Intro classes, or Certifications available.

If you are interested in learning tuning forks, crystal bowls, sansoula, shamanic drums, Tibetan bowls, voices, mantras and specific frequencies, join our  Sound Healing Courses.  Useful for nurses, end-of-life transitions, enhancing learning for students of all ages, release Myofascial tension all depending on the frequencies that are used, much like an herbal perscription. Please inquire and apply for  admission to the QSMHH School, or just take a short  for a 4-hour introductory course,  E

To Conclude:

The blog offers an overview of the  holistic healing practices we teach at Quantum School of Massage and Holistic Health in Honolulu, Hawaii.  You may glance through our website  for more info. Use QSMHH’s customized courses using your tools, or purchase your instruments and tune the forks and learn.







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